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T H E   T O G E T H E R S H I P
Enrichment Learning Center

The Togethership sets the standard for innovation in pairing elite academics with elite sports performance to create a well rounded. student athlete. 

"Relentless pursuit of excellence."


S T A T E M E N T 

It is our mission to prepare students for academic success via a constant approach of self-improvement and growth-mindset. We uphold a rigorous focus on progress and skill acquisition. We develop not only a readiness for admission into prestigious high schools, but a genuine curiosity for reading, learning, and the knowledge of how academics can be applied to the real world.

C H O O S E  G R A D E

Learn more about each grade by selecting which applies. Information provided includes :


  • Academic Overview

  • Curriculum Progression

  • Course Description/ CA Standards Alignment

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