5 step Admission PROCESS:

1) Fill out Application I Online (FACTS)

2) Shadow Day I Enrollment Interview

3) Academic Counseling Session I Placement Testing

4) 2021-2022 Enrollment Packet I Contracts/Permissions

5) Togethership Welcome Pack I On-boarding Information

Grade Levels

The TOGETHERSHIP is an independent Private School accredited with the state of California. Elite academic + Elite athletics, Middle-School, Sports Academy, serving students (both boys and girls) in grades  7-8. We welcome students whose parents choose to have them repeat 8th grade for a variety of different reasons (social, emotional, physical, mental). 

Academic standards

Cumulative and current GPA must be 3.0 or above in all academic courses. Transcripts and report cards will be reviewed from the past two full years of schoolwork.

Academic counseling sessions/ Placement Assessments (Math and English) are required for students to assess grade-level readiness.

Final report cards will be reviewed to ensure the student’s consistent efforts and no drops in academic performance.

Character expectations

Students and parents must be in good standing with their current school for students to be admitted. Teacher and school administrator recommendations will be reviewed to understand any behavioral challenges or difficulties.

Enrolled students and their parents serve as ambassadors with The TOGETHERSHIP and will be held to behavioral standards that are consistent with our high moral and ethical values.

Students will not be accepted directly from residential treatment programs or expulsion from other schools.

Financial responsibilities

Families are responsible for keeping the balance of tuition and fees up to date. Students will not be able to enroll in classes for the upcoming year until families have met all financial responsibilities.