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Meet Dr. Kristian Noguchi-Salazar

As the head physical therapist of Togethership I look forward to helping each and every student athlete. Whether it has to do with injury prevention, pain relief, or a recovery day. I will always look out for the students athletes best interest and use my past clinical experiences to choose the best intervention.

Some things that we are looking to offer are: a full evaluation of each individual, manual therapy, specific exercise prescription, cupping, kinesio taping, compression boots, graston, electrical stimulation (TENS), heat, and ice. My door is always open to the parents and student athletes. Please feel free to contact me anytime.

Physical Therapy

Unlimited Physical Therapy $200/mo

By clicking 'Pay Now' below, you acknowledge that you are approving a two-time recurring charge. You specifically authorize us charging your payment card $200 (immediately) covering unlimited physical therapy services at Togethership for the month of April 2024. You further authorize us to charge $200 on or about May 1st which will cover unlimited physical therapy service for the month of May 2024

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