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We believe that speed is not only an inherent trait but an essential skill that can be mastered – the X-factor that separates good from great, amateur from professional. We help athletes take a quantum leap by mastering speed through biomechanics, advanced technical training; and individualized programs to help them transfer their new skills into real game play environments and achieve the highest levels of their sport.

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How do we test athletes?

Athletes undergo diagnostic testing that will give us insight into the athletes overall acceleration and velocity.



What results do we analyze?

We analyze force velocity profile (FVP), split time, kinematics, and technical proficiency. 



How do we improve?

An individual program is created to improve an athletes ability to express power as well as their technical skill of sprinting.



Dyl-Nye-The-Science-Guy! Passionate about sports performance training and molding young athletes. Dylan has worked closely with athletes from the professional level to youth sports, specifically in sprinting biomechanics and athletic development. Dylan is the Lead Sports Performance coach for THE togethership and is excited for the opportunity to help everyone involved actualize their potential, grow personally, and pursue their goals. #TOGETHERSHIP

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