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Lester Spellman

The Spellman Performance story is personal – as is every element of our approach to helping athletes transform their approach to speed.

His passion for speed has its roots in his own experience as a young athlete who fractured his femur at 17 years old in a near-death car accident. He was left debilitated with a metal rod in his femur and forced to learn how to walk again.

Les wasn’t satisfied with simply walking – he wanted to run – to fly! He immersed himself in the study of advanced biomechanics and speed training techniques. He learned. He reengineered his speed skills. And he more than walked – he ran his way on to the elite Division 1 program at Temple University.

Les is now sharing his years of INSIGHT and achievements to inspire a new generation of athletes – personalizing training programs to teach them how to master their own skills and speed; how to transfer skills to their sport; how to ACCELERATE THEIR DREAMS.