Chris Isner

Chris Isner is a Performance Nutritionist, Coach, and speaker specializing in nutrition for prevention and performance. Chris’s passion stems from being raised in a family that did not know how to cook for athletes. Struggling most of his life with weight and health issues stemming from food has given him the compassion and drive to help our youth, athletes, adults, pregnant mothers and men find a personalized nutrition program they can sustain. His passion for performance nutrition started from his own experience in competitive football, baseball, track & field and powerlifting. He has continued his education in nutrition since graduating from the University of Delaware with a bachelor’s degree in nutritional sciences. And is also a certified Nutrition Coach to learn about the physiology behind food.


Professional Statement from Chris Isner-

Most athletes know the value of working hard and training. A good performance nutrition program provides the fuel athletes need to improve their performance and meet their goals. In our performance nutrition clinic, we see athletes of all ages serving pee wees to pros and all athletes in between. I have experience at all levels of sports to include team and individual sports. In my professional life, I worked for NFL, NBA and MLB players. I am also proud to be part of multiple teams taking care of college athletes training for combine and professional try outs. I enjoy taking the science of sports nutrition and translating it to the food you eat. My current research interests have been in the area of protein deficiency in athletes and the modification of body composition. . My personal drive giving back to our youth is what keeps me always continuing my education. Showing our youth how to work hard & believe in themselves is my goal with giving back to my community.

“Change a kid, change the world”