Matt Koman


Matt is deep love and passion for the power of sport. As an experienced former collegiate football and basketball athlete and coach, Matt will oversee and ensure that our culture is built on excellent values and morality. Our mission as a company is derived from the ethical foundation of that our collective energy has been built upon. The Togethership Perspective grows with experience.

Through the past decade Matt has worked with thousands of athletes ranging from youth groups, high schools , college, professional and Olympic athletes. Serving as a Head Coach, offensive coordinator, strength and conditioning, speed and performance, quarterbacks and wide receivers coach, and also a recruiting consultant... Matt’s developed an unwavering passion for holistic human performance and mentorship.
Through his partnerships with physical therapists, quantum physicists, and Doctors in their respected fields... Matt’s vision is very clear that it takes effort in physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual development in order to maximize not only an athlete’s potential, but full human potential.

Additionally Matt has experience as the director of football for Mamba Sports Academy in which he led the charge of developing a camp series, a 7 on 7 program, and many on and offsite programs ranging from youth to professional that focused on the overall development of the human.

In 2019 Matt has consulted with Jumpman brand as a lead performance coach, as well as partnered with our Devin Quinn in Orange County to develop the first of its kind, Elite Athlete Middle School, motto being : togethership.  Matt has been coordinating the human Performance department of the school which includes Sport performance, sport specific, and overall cognitive development.

Fun fact: Matt has created a nuance to the Hollywood scene and has been the reliable “quarterback and wide receiver” on set for the Madden19 and Madden20 cover shoots, as well as several other commercials.

Extra: Matt has not quite given up the competitive drive to be an athlete and has joined Team USA Handball, specializing in beach. In February 2020, Matt traveled with the team to compete in Mexico bringing back a Gold Medal for the USA.

Family: Matt has a support system at home in Silverlake, CA led by his beautiful wife Kristen and two dogs , Nike and Mamba.