Leah Jayne Perison

Hi! My name is Leah Jayne Perison (nickname; Zeah) and my heart just bursts with gratitude for the practice of Yoga!  I am a Dallas native and a certified 200hr E-RYT from CorePower Yoga and currently tending to my 500hr teacher training with Annie Carpenter’s SmartFlow Yoga. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Dance from the University of North Texas and I served as an Adjunct Faculty member for the Dance Department of Mountain View College.

Yoga came to me first, as a means to balance and repair life long injuries from my career in gymnastics and dance…and then, as a way of LIFE.  Thru my Yoga teaching, I like to emphasize the importance of body alignment to create a safe and therapeutic experience for each individual. I will always encourage you to dance with your edge, explore your grace and honor your courage for showing up on the mat… But, I am truly moved by the power of ALIGNMENT in every sense of the word… After feeling the physical, emotional and spiritual cleansing affect of my first chakra balancing experience, I knew it would be my calling to help others discover their true potential through energy work.   If we physically align, we can then energetically align, therefor spiritually align!

I wish to spread the love, joy, and freedom that yoga has brought to my existence. I strongly value the importance of meditation and the power of the MIND to unleash your limitless potential .I like to bring a slow, mindful delicacy to the mat as each moment and transition is an opportunity to discover more space…somewhere…:)