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At The Togethership we want to develop balanced athletes in every sense of the word.  

With a focus on developing complete volleyball players, our training will be structured so that each player will learn every facet of the game.  While players may have defined positions at competitions, during practice times, they will have the opportunity to train and develop all skills to provide them with more options as they prepare for the next level. In the end, we believe that more complete and well-rounded volleyball players ultimately lead to better, more successful teams.

We place a great amount of importance in the process. By putting in the necessary amount of hard work and dedication, positive results will naturally come. 



Graduated from Cal State San Bernardino with a Degree in kinesiology with concentration in exercise science. Camille was also a 3x All American Volleyball player. Camille is going into her 12th year coaching youth Volleyball. Her purpose when coaching is to change lives. and build self confidence, leadership, communication skills,  positivity, ability to step up to and accept challenges with open mind,  positive body language,  confidence in owning individuality. #Togethership

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