The Togethership offers a Private Academic School Program located in Orange County, California.

Our Academic Program includes a New Wave Style Curriculum. 

Our Education mission is to bridge the gap between Athletics, Academics, Holistic Health, and bring a new collective understanding

to how we can make the world a better place by starting within ourselves. 

Learning is a privilege. 

All Togethership graduates will leave the program ready for the world ahead of them. Each Student will be prepared for the most rigorous High School Curriculum

as our alumni have moved on to Mater Dei, JSerra, Santa Margarita, Orange Lutheran, and several Top Tier High Schools.


We believe in pursuing excellence — not just on the courts & fields, but also in the classroom.

Each Student will be assessed on each Subject in order to ensure a consistent growth in learning trajectory.

Our academic advisement staff is in place to prohibit stagnation, and promote healthy challenges within all Core 10 as well as Bonus Subjects.


Core 10 Subjects: 


English | Language Arts








Holistic Health | Yoga

Bonus Subjects:

Business Entrepreneurship

Anatomy | Physiology

African American History

Emotional | Mental | Spiritual Health

Leadership | Goal Setting

Adventure | Outdoor Skills

Bio-Mechanics of Movement




Accreditation & Curriculum

 Our curriculum is rigorous, personalized, and fully aligned with the state of California and Common Core Standards. 

  • Students learn at different rates of speed; our curriculum delivery allows us to modify the content/pace, depending upon a student’s unique needs.

  • Instruction is tailored to each individual child, so student outcomes can be elevated.

  • California State and Common Core standards.



In California, traditional middle schools are required to have 900 “instructional hours” each school year, regardless of how effectively or ineffectively that time is used. As a result of our blended approach, The TOGETHERSHIP has the latitude to create a structure where every minute of classroom time is used productively, thereby fostering an environment where student outcomes AND teaching efficiency BOTH can be maximized.

Because we can help meet the educational needs of our student-athletes in fewer hours than schools with a traditional classroom setting, we are able to devote a sizeable portion of the day to our Athletic and Health Curriculum.



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