Mondays/Wednesdays/Friday: Math (Core A): 

12:00 pm-12:45pm (Pre Algebra/Algebra 1)

Course will Focus on Pre-Algebraic and Algebraic Principles to Bolster 7th-8th Graders and 8th Grade Repeats knowledge in Mathematics to become fundamentally sound in Mathematics for Transition into High-School.

Note:  For Students who have, through our comprehensive assessment measures mastered the skills needed to bypass Algebra at the High School Level (this can only be done so officially @ the High School Level given a placement exam taken upon or before transfer to High School by said School) will be placed into a Geometry Class to ensure differentiation of instruction for all students.  These classes will meet in a TBD time if needed.  Both parents and Students will be notified in this case upon completion of “Individual Class Math Assessments”.


Mondays/Wednesdays/Friday: English (Core B): 12:00 pm-1:15 pm (ELA) Course will be split into 2 Sections, the first Half focusing on “The Conventions of Standard English”, “Knowledge of Language”, “Vocabulary Acquisition and Use”, “Literature Studies”, and a focus on “Writing Skills” which will lay the foundations for a High School Level Reading and Writing “Skill Set”.  The second half will focus on Critical Writing and Responses to a Series of Subjects focused on “Life Skills” such as Financial Literacy, and Digital Wellness and Security etc. (note these are just a few examples of the subject matter and text which will be delved into during this second section of study).


Tues/Thurs History (Core A):  12:00 pm-1:15 pm  (History) Course will be split into 2 Sections focusing the First Half Section on “The Development of American Constitutional Democracy”.  This course will cover standard Historical Content Matter as well as delve into Alternative/Critical thinking skills to uncover issues such as the Social Injustice of a Free Market Economy, Enlightening students as to the “Unequal Distribution of Wealth”, and other “Social Inequalities” prevalent within the United States.  The Second Section will focus on “Character Education” with the implementation of EVERFI (Online Learning Platform) as well as the NFL’s InSideOut Initiative “to help transform the "win-at-all-costs" sports culture to one that defines and promotes sports as a human growth experience and connects students to caring adults in their learning community. Powered by the NFL Foundation, the ISOI catalyzes partnerships with educational leaders, state athletic associations and NFL clubs to redefine the role of interscholastic sports and help intentionally develop the educational, social and emotional well-being of each student-athlete (”


Tues/Thurs Science (Core B): 1:15 pm - 2:30 pm (Physical and Anatomical/Kinesthetic/Health Sciences)  Course will be split into 2 Sections focusing the First Half Section on Physical Sciences for 8th Graders and a Refresh of Physical Sciences for 8th Grade Repeats.  The Second Section will Focus on Anatomical/Kinesthetic/Health Sciences bridging the Gap between Athletics and the Science Classroom bringing Theory Taught in the Classroom and on the field “To Light” to better help THE TOGETHERSHIP Students gain a full and “Comprehensive Understanding” of specific methodologies, practices, and belief systems held by professionals in the Health/Nutrition/Physical Training Sector.