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 * An Independent Private School *
Designed for Elite Middle-School Student-Athletes
Currently Serving Grades: 6/7/8/HSP

Location: San Clemente, California


Ask a middle school student-athlete what he or she wants to do when they get older … most will tell you they don’t have any idea. But The Togethership is different! They know they want to play their sport in high school, and even beyond. Athletics isn’t just a casual activity for them — it’s a passion! The TOGETHERSHIP was formed to provide these hyper-focused, elite student-athletes every opportunity and advantage possible to achieve their goals on and off the court and field! 


No More Late Nights at the Gym

The TOGETHERSHIP builds three to four hours of training into the schedule every day. Many student-athletes will be done with their daily workout by the time they leave. Your child no longer needs to be in the gym past 9:00pm at night to be an elite athlete!

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